Trump has no need for the 1000 politicos like Hillary has, because he has a feel for humanity.

Trump's insight into people's wants is worth more than 1 million liberal political experts working as a cohesive unit.

I do have to hand it to the liberals however, as they have the much harder job.

They can only offer bribes to adults, most of which never come to fruition. 

The average liberal is like a 5 years old the night before Christmas, begging to open presents that probably won't be what they wanted anyway.

Trump just has to sell common sense, and not giving this country away...should not be too hard.

On a related topic, it was interesting how little applause Trump got when he mentioned how the students are getting screwed over with debt, in his convention speech.

I think most older people could care less about this issue, which impacts them much more than they think.

People pretend Social Security will last forever, and it won't.

There is no money in the fund, and cuts were already made in the next budget, except for illegals of course.

These older people have to wake up and realize we are all in this together.

Greed has eaten away at the core of the family unit in America, with the older people eating the vast majority of the budget, as much as 2+ trillion per year.

And they grip those purse strings extremely tightly with their bloodless fingers, and rarely think of helping the younger people.

Even though most of their money is found money...

The fact is that America is one of the few countries in the world that pays people to not work.

Young people are left with horrible infrastructure, inflation, and debt....not to mention the bad attitudes of these old timers, whom they often have to live with.

One has to these Baby Boomers and Greatest Generation people want the young to be forced to live with them, so they can get free caregivers?

It is worth thinking about.

Being forced to take care of your elders, who seem to want the worst for their younger children and grandchildren, will not result in much appreciation and love emanating from the young people.

It will only result in more loneliness for the greedy older people, who had all the opportunity to work, have a family, buy cheap houses, sell them for a huge profit, get almost free college education...and now the young need to subsidize these people too?

Old people cannot be this naive as to assume that the economic conditions they benefited from, still exist today.

You reap what you sow old timers...