Robert Frost wrote a poem called "mending walls", where two neighbors debate the merits of maintaining a wall between their two properties.

The saying "good fences make good neighbors" is used twice in this instance by the man who wants to maintain the stone wall between the two properties.

This saying has been used in many languages and cultures however, so Frost is hardly the first to use it.

In my experience, I built a visual wall between my house and a neighbor's house last year.

Was this neighbor offended?

No.  They started using their deck much more, throwing cookouts and parties on it.

It would have been nice if they said thanks...

Walls make property line disputes less likely, but there are more important reasons for a wall.

Walls give a sense of privacy, or personal accountability, to both neighbors.

In the case of countries, the USA has no privacy from the invasion of our southern border, and Mexico has no accountability.

A fence would make part of this problem disappear, although we would still have to enforce immigration laws for those already inside the country.

Vicente Fix seems to think that walls are offensive, unlike my Mexican neighbor who loved the wall I erected.

Fox could look at the border fence as something positive for his home country as why doesn't he?

Because he knows what is going on, and that Mexico is benefiting from the current situation.

Mexico enforces their immigration laws very strongly, so there is no way an American can sneak into Mexico, collect welfare, and demand citizenship.

Mexico likes how criminals head north, and end up being housed in American prisons.  We currently have hundreds of thousands of Mexican nationals in our prisons.

I wonder how many Americans are in Mexican prisons?

So this lack of a border promotes inequity between the two neighbors.  One benefits, and the other loses out.

Like Trump said, Mexico could easily stop this flood of criminals, or others who come across our border from other nations besides Mexico.

Instead they promote it. 

They take foreign citizens and push them over our border, because they don't want them in their country.

This is an act of war.

Fox is stressed out because he is profiting personally from this situation.

So when there is no fence at all, like we have now, the situation turns into a disaster.

We have president Obama to thank for teaching us this valuable lesson.

No fence promotes weakness.  It tells everybody that we do not value our country at all, we think USA citizenship is a worthless commodity.

At the same time, we have those who try to become Americans through the legal process, which costs them time, effort and thousands of dollars.

This inconsistency makes them feel picked on. 

"Why do I have to go through a legal process when these others flood right in?"

So the frustration spreads in every direction, from the lack of maintaining the border.

The fact that illegal aliens get welfare is inducing people to come into the USA for freebies.

Billions are flying out of this country, and the main reason is welfare.

It is like a neighbor moving into your house because it is nicer, and you make better food, and drive a better car.

He likes your house better, and does not want to maintain his own property because it is not as easy.

Most immigrants in this country are economic migrants who come to take advantage of the welfare, and the lack of prosecution in these sanctuary cities.

If somebody actually wanted to be American, they would go through the legal channels.

Hopefully, Trump will stop the economic migrants, and the criminal migrant flow.

The best way to do this is strengthen the border, both with a wall, and e-verify which could punish those who hire illegals.

Self deportation happens on its own, especially when no illegals get welfare.

Good fences must promote good neighbors because what we have now is the opposite, and we have Fox scolding Trump for even talking about the wall.

How can a neighbor tell you that you cannot build a wall, and scold you?

Our southern neighbor does not respect us, even though we are losing around $100 billion annually with this no wall situation.

They gain everything, and we lose.

The wall will help Mexico become more self sufficient as a country, and in the end will benefit them a great deal as well.