Kid Rock made a statement in support of Trump for President....stating, "put a m'f'n businessman in there" or something like that.

Wise words indeed.

Professional politicians are inept at handling business affairs, as they have one get elected.

Once in office, they have attained their only goal. 

After this, it is time to pay back those who gave money to their campaign.  That is it.

Trump, being a self funding businessman who loves this country, will open up the possibility that we can actually get some good policy, that will benefit the country, and it's people.

Trump will go through the spending and make cuts, something a professional politician would never think of doing.

Most politicians will be so ecstatic to get there, the last thing they will want to do is cut the size of government.

Trump is from the legitimate business world, not the money printing- press political world, where cuts are seen as an attack on government.

In the real business world, you have to balance income and costs, or you will go bankrupt. 

Not in politics.

Easy money is sucked from the populace. 

Easy money is printed out of thin air, as future debt for younger people.

Easy money is very easy to spend.

Trump will look at all waste as a long term interest bearing debt, not just a bunch of meaningless zeros on a piece of paper.

We have to pay this debt back, and liberals act like we don't.

Free money is flying everywhere, to those on the bottom and the very top.  Mostly the top.

We also have baby boomers retiring.

A big chunk of our work force is going to be takers, instead of taxpayers.

We need to make substantial cuts, and have an economy built on growth (low taxes, regulations), or there is no future for our economy.

Trump is the only man for this job.