1.  Ben Carson.  To be honest, I was positive about Dr. Carson before the race started, and then started to wonder about him during the race.

Then, after he left, it became clear that Trump and Carson have great chemistry together.

The reason for this is that they both love the country, and are concerned about the future.

They are both smart, optimistic, and humorous people.

I am leaning toward Carson right now for VP, even though he has little political experience.

The positives are possibly getting more of the black voters, getting the millions of Carson supporters, and using the synergy that these two have together as a force for good work.

2.  Bernie Sanders.  This one is just an interesting thought, I am unsure if Trump would consider it.

The positives with Bernie, if he would be allowed to take the VP spot by the Democrats, would be his passionate following.

Bernie gets the black vote, and Bernie gets many of the younger voters....although I think Trump will get more.

I am unsure how these two would get along politically, but I saw them shoot a commercial together, and they also had good chemistry.

Trump gets along with everybody...

One thing is certain, they would definitely win.

3.  Newt Gingrich.  Newt is a longtime DC guy and definitely knows the ins and outs.

Newt is hard to read as to his real political core, but he seems like a decent Republican.

The only question I have is how many voters would be attracted to him.

Trump really needs to attack whatever weak links he has with voters, with his VP choice.

I think by the time the election comes around, Trump will not have too many weak links...I just wonder how much Newt will help with outreach.

He would certainly help a great deal with DC outreach and strategy, if Trump feels he needs it.

Definitely a very smart guy, and would be great in the VP debates.

4.  Governor Christie.  The good thing about Christie is the liberals have long loved him, although this may have lessened after his support of Trump for President.

Christie is a smart guy and a good politician, getting along with Obama could be seen as a positive thing in this regard.

At this point, I think he will serve better as a Governor of a good state, who can support Trump in the election, and when he is in the White House.

5.  Ted Cruz.  I wonder what kind of momentum Cruz would add to the Trump campaign.  He does have a loyal following of Republicans, but would not gain one leftist voter.

Cruz is a smart guy, but his credibility took a hit in this election process.

I think he was put under a lot of pressure by donors, although they did not invest much in him.

It would have been better for Cruz to play a positive angle, and go straight laced right winger conservative, like Reagan.

He is now seen as wishy washy after copying Trump on so many things, this made him look weak.

He has a disastrous voting record lately too.

No gain for Trump with Cruz, and it likely won't happen.

6.  Rubio.  Like Trump said, Rubio showed political talent in his campaign.

He gets the liberal support, but many of these supporters will probably vote Hillary anyway.

I think his voting record, like Cruz, will come back to haunt him, and probably cost him his career.

When are people going to learn that you are making yourself disposable when you cave on important votes?

I thought that Rubio should have switched parties, and maybe he will.  This will likely be his best bet at continuing on.

The Democrats like him and he fits well with them.

He would have probably won the nomination as a Democrat.

7.  Kasich.  Again, another Republican with a big liberal following.

This can be good and bad from Trump's perspective.

Trump will win Ohio without Kasich's support, so I don't think he offers much.

His voting career has been disastrous and is a big reason for the horrible state of our economy now.

It would not feel right for Trump to pick him, and he won't.

8.  Palin.  I think Sarah is a good woman, but I don't know if she would work well with Trump.

She has already run as VP and lost, which means little momentum.

She is a polarizing figure with extreme loyalty from some, and a feeling of contempt from all leftists (and many women).

Leftists do not understand the appeal of Palin, which is fine and nothing against Palin.

This one won't work either.

8.  Governor Snyder. He would help cement the all important state of Florida, but I feel confident that Trump will win with his support as governor.

It will be nice for Trump to have friends in important seats, like the Governors Christie and Snyder, when he is president.

They should remain in those seats unless there is a really good reason to be in the VP spot.

He is doing great in Florida as governor, growing the economy in the Sunshine State.

I was impressed with him as a politician in his campaign, and he is a talented man.

Overall, unless there is a great reason for him to leave, he should remain at his post.

9.  A General.  I have heard that Trump could pick a General for VP and this would work great.

The weak spot of Hillary is her military record.

She has weakened this country's armed forces, our morale, the Middle East, and our reputation globally.

A General could explain this from a military viewpoint, provide credibility, and make her look even weaker.

A great military mind would fit well with Trump, who is intrigued by the great Generals of the past.

This should be an angle that Trump looks into strongly.

Having a peaceful, patriotic, non-warmongering (yet asskicking) General would draw voters from the entire political spectrum.

The main jobs of the Federal Government are supposed to be National Security and regulating interstate commerce.

Trump can handle the business side himself, and a great General would be a nice addition to his campaign.

We saw how well "The General" Bobby Knight fit with him.

Knight was great as a speaker/endorser because he understands the damage that has been done to our Country, and how to state it clearly to the common man.

Knight also was a reassuring voice of support for Trump, believing in his leadership.

Other names I have heard are not very intriguing.

Trump, being a smart man who knows people, will make a great choice.

I think picking a minority, or a woman, or a minority woman, is overrated right now.

People will see this as begging for the Latino or Black or Woman vote, and it won't help Trump.

Trump will go for the best qualified candidate.

Now is when he can really start evaluating this all important selection.

I know he will make the right choice.