There are 3 main reasons why Americans vote leftist.

1.  Envy.  You can see how brilliant the left is at playing the poor versus rich card, and using people's inherent weakness of envy of those more successful than themselves.

This is one reason why Trump drives leftists so crazy, because they are jealous of his riches, and know they will never attain them.

The sad thing is that money would not help these people anyway, they are barking up the wrong tree.

Jealous people usually cannot attain much in their life because their life's energies are wasted thinking about external issues, instead of bettering their own lives.

They always see their glass as half empty, and look to who is doing better than themselves economically, instead of enjoying what they have.

The only way they would enjoy being rich is rubbing it in people's faces.

2.  Fear.  If you have talked with many left wingers, you start to realize all they think about is going to the hospital with a fatal illness.

They claim that everybody needs free healthcare, because they love to go to the doctor twice a week.

Many in fact love when they come down with an illness, as they use this illness as something to talk about, something to get them some attention.

So this fear is not so much of dying, as many of them don't care about life. 

Rather, this fear is about not being able to use the doctor as a rent-a-friend, or a springboard for attention (not that anybody cares about their diseases or afflictions.)

3. Spite.  This is perhaps the number one reason people are leftists.  Many leftists do know that left wing policies are a disaster, and they flee their homes when things get too bad, or too leftist, and move somewhere more rightist.

You see this enclave in Austin Texas of flaky liberals, who move out of their homes in Minnesota or California, which are now taxed too high, and they move down to Austin for the low taxes, and keep voting liberal.

If you go to a democrat meeting, you will should I say this.....some of the ugliest people God ever created.

Not only are they ugly outside, they are much uglier on the inside.

Their entire lives are powered by spite, the ability to be noticed while harming other people who enjoy their lives. 

This is the only thing that gives them any fleeting pleasure.

They want to make others feel the way they feel, and politics is one of the best "equalizers" for untalented, negative people.

They don't really care much about destruction happening around them in society, because they feel destructive about their own lives, and have destructive thoughts most of their day.

You see this spite in many old timers who don't care at all about what world they leave their grandchildren.

But there are spiteful leftists in every age bracket, obviously.

These are the type of people who will complain about something every day, will always try to dampen everybody's mood, and they are doing it on purpose.

Any idea that could have an upside will be shot down by the spiteful leftist parent, or "friend".

Leftists, for the most part, are not ignorant people.  They know it is better to have rights like free speech and privacy.

But their spite drives their thoughts much more than logic.

A pig wants to wrestle in the mud and excrement, because this is all a pig knows.