The press, working with their beloved Democrat party, have done everything they could to undermine POTUS Trump's start in office.

The constant leaks, the lies...all to stop Trump from MAKING AMERICA GREAT!

This is the epic battle of subversives versus a man who simply wants to improve the lowly status of this once great country.

We have a debt of 21 trillion, and none of it went to roads or bridges, which are all falling or crumbling.

The communist infestation in our government has made sure that taxpayer monies are only used to siphon out these funds, for nefarious purposes instead of productive.

It appears that the Left is so desperate that they focus exclusively on Trump's agenda, and stopping everything they can, or slowing it down when they cannot stop it.

Law does not matter, as these leaks attest to.

There is nothing to the Left other than stopping the progress of this country, and this is not working right now for them.

They need to grow their party, and instead are making it look like a bad joke.

One Man, Trump, is taking a wrecking ball to their lame party, and demolishing the remains of the crumbling Party.

But Trump is only finishing off something that the Left did, and keep doing, to themselves.